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2020 ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors’ Conference

Dates: June 06-09, 2020
Venue: Hilton Minneapolis
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Registration opens in February 2020.


Success Through Wellness:

2020 ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors’ Conference


As a program director, you know that your self-care and the wellbeing of faculty, staff and students are critical to a successful program. The 2020 ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors’ Conference—the only conference for allied dental program directors, by allied dental program directors—is your chance to recharge and build a healthy work mindset to help your program thrive.

Stress management. Meditation. Office Yoga. Emotion Management. We know what we should be doing to boost performance and productivity. But with as many demands as we face, how do we prevent the day to day stressors from taking over? How do we find balance for ourselves and promote a wellness culture for our program?

LDsports 开户 You have sharpened your leadership skills and built exceptional toolkits. You have developed the framework for your most successful, innovative program. Now is the time to focus on YOU, so that you—and your program—can thrive!

Let’s make “in the moment” more about practicing mindfulness and less about putting out fires. Come together with fellow program directors and experts from inside and outside of dental education to embrace Success Through Wellness during the 2020 ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors’ Conference!

Conference Connections Program

It is our vision to provide a positive and welcoming experience to all ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors’ Conference (ADEA ADPDC) attendees. The Conference Connections program is an opportunity to bring experienced ADEA ADPDC attendees together with new attendees. Many new ADEA ADPDC attendees are unsure of how to maximize their conference experience and the goal of this informal networking program is to help new attendees navigate the conference and form personal connections with their peers.

Are you new to ADEA or to the ADEA ADPDC (3 years or less of attending)? Join us for a brief orientation on Saturday, June 6, 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.LDsports 开户, before the conference begins. During orientation, new attendees will be provided an overview of what to expect during the conference and meet fellow new attendees.

Sign up during registration to secure your spot! Preregistration and attendance at the orientation is required for new attendees so you can fully experience the Conference Connections Program.

Are you a seasoned ADEA ADPDC attendee (5 or more years of attending) that’s willing to show a new attendee the ropes? Sign up to be a Connector and share your insights on the conference, add value to your experience, and help new attendees feel welcome while forming new friendships!

Become an ADEA ADPDC Connector by signing up during registration!


Conference Connection Program: Gabrielle Brown, or 202-289-7201, ext. 193

Programming: Rebecca Stolberg, or 202-238-3946.

Logistics: Donna Casimier, CasimierD@katesdogwalking.comLDsports 开户 or 202-238-3992.

Registration: Shalonda King, KingS@katesdogwalking.comLDsports 开户 or 202-289-7201, ext. 177.